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 Pevensey Bay - 15 August 2015


 Warming up on the beach in the afternoon sun with the cats, swing and birds.....


 ..... getting ready for an evening session on the drums.  It's been a while!!


With Gerry Walker on guitar...would you believe it???


Don't know what happened to the bass player!

 St Leonards on Sea - 7 September 2013


 Beach  cricket with Les and friends - couldn't see a thing fielding into the sun but that 6 went flying into the sea!

 Chelmsford, Essex - 3 October 2009


 Book signing at Waterstone's and onstage with Steve Scruton from BBC Essex.  Grateful thanks to Nina Mansoor for these photos.

Gary's photos from the 'Rock Til You Drop' show at The Town Hall Theatre, Hartlepool on 26 September 2009


Backstage with Pete Hilton, The Dakotas drummer, and onstage looking out.  Let me know if you're in my photos!


Gary and son Michael with Japanese friends Kazuko Inoue & Fukiko Yoneda in London, 17 June 2009


18 Stanhope Place where The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore and many other hits were recorded


Gary's photos from the 'Rock Til You Drop' show at The Regent Theatre, Christchurch on 25 April 2009

Billie Davis and me waiting


I made a deal with the audience that I wouldn't sing if they let me take their photos for my website.  I told them that they can look here to see themselves.  Let me know if you're in my photos!



DJ Gary in Harwich broadcasting onboard the LV18 for Pirate BBC Essex  - 13 April 2009



Gary and his son Michael


Partying in Chippenham, Wiltshire - 2 & 3 February 2009



Christmas photoshoot - 30 November 2008



Gary and fellow Biscaine Ron Brown.  Grateful thanks to Gary's high school friend Darlene Bloom for these photos.


Blast 1386 Radio with Martin Creasy, Mike Quinn & crew - 7 October 2008.

Grateful thanks to Martin Creasy for these photos.



With John Wolff, Mike Quinn, Jools Holland and Dennis Locorriere

Joe Brown's 50th Anniversary Concert at The Royal Albert Hall - 24 September 2008


BBC Radio Kent with Dave Cash, Martin Creasy and Steve Mann


7 June 2008



At the Private Eye offices with Steve Mann, Dave Cash and Barry Fantoni in January 2008.  Grateful thanks to Martin Creasy for these photos.


Christmas photoshoot - 21 December 2007



Filming Christmas video


December 2007



Masterchef at work - 3 November 2007


At the famous Star-Club in Hamburg on 29 May 1966. Grateful thanks to Robby GŁnther/Jens Rabenstein for these photos. &


In London with Australian Hollies fanzine editor Simon Smith.  Gary spoke to Simon about his time living with former Hollie Graham Nash in London during 1966/67.  Simon is researching for a book on The Hollies.  It will be an in-depth account of their early years focusing on their recordings, concerts, and TV and radio appearances.  If you have any information that might be of interest to Simon please email him.  Grateful thanks to Simon for these photos.

Capital Gold Radio Station with Mike Sweeney - 6 June 2007


Solid Silver 60s Show at the London Palladium with Merseybeats Bob Packham, Billy Kinsley & Tony Crane, Dakotas Toni Baker & Pete Hilton, and Andy Fairweather Low - 29 April 2007.  Grateful thanks to Steve Howarth for these photos.


Reunion with John Lawson - 5 April 2007



Blast 1386 Radio Station with Mike Quinn - 13 March 2007.  Grateful thanks to Mike for these photos.


15 November 2006 - In London with author Martin Creasy.  Martin's book 'Legends on Tour' will be published by Tempus Publications in mid-2007.  His book focuses on seven of the major sixties pop package tours, including two featuring The Walker Brothers.  Martin has interviewed Gary and many other stars during his research.  Grateful thanks to Martin for these photos.


Question from Gary - "Can anyone tell us where we are?  The last time I was there was in 1968."


  The Cavern Club - Liverpool



Reunion with Joey Molland


Hastings - 18 August 2006


BBC Radio Kent with Dave Cash  - 15 July 2006


BBC Radio Essex  - 6 July 2006


A meeting of Sixties Icons - June 2006



Skiathos, Greece - August 2005








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